Original Outlet is a branded ready-to-wear and accessories online store thought by the AYAD’ Sisters.

Five sisters so similar and yet so different. Often friends but not always…

Fate of each of them seemed to be sealed... studies, marriages, births, divorces, deaths,.. simply life.

The two family-fashionista’s started sharing their good deals with their families and friends and from mouth to ear did the rest ...

The first showroom was created in Brussels in May 2018 followed in February 2020 by the one in Overijse; Our "Sunday coffee afternoons"  were naturally set up as a special moment. We meet people from different backgrounds, we discuss fashion but not only fashion, we exchange points of view ... Yes, we are making the world again ...

We will make from our similarities; a pillar. From our differences; a strength.

Our main goal is to meet you, get to know you around items of well-known  brands that we like by offering them to you at a fair price. This is possible by reducing a maximum sub-contractors  and this also enable us to guarantee traceability and authenticity of all proposed items.

Above all, we want to offer a real customer service; the one we would like to be offered. Welcome you as we would like to be welcomed, Speak to you as we would like to be spoken to.

Kindness, mutual respect, advice and fashion are our keywords for success.

The first customers become very quick friends; Iwonka, Halima, Roya, Sarah, Ozgul, Aminatou, Véronique, Catherine,… and many others whom we affectionately embrace and thank for being what they are.   

"Let us be the change we want to see in the world", Gandhi.